Wine making: Starting with hand-selected albariño grapes from our San Vicente vineyard, we obtained the free-run juice, which, after its fining process via static decanting, fermented with local yeast under controlled temperature.
Once reached the desired level of residual sugars, we proceeded to devatting and turn off. Type

Grape variety

Natural alcoholic 
Proof degrees
Total acidity
Reductive sugars Young white, natural medium-dry
Albariño 100%
Salnes Valley
3,500 kg/Ha
From September 28th
to October 5th

13.5% Vol
7.1 g/l
12 g/l (medium-dry) Tasting Notes: Appearance: Pale golden, clear and bright
Nose: Delicate and intense. Mature seed fruits and must reminiscences
Mouth: Full bodied and balanced. Smooth, fresh and sweet-toothed.
We recommend tasting between 9 and 12ºC
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